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About Kurt Kuehn

Kurt Kuehn grew up on the North shore, and graduated from Two Harbors High School.  After high school, Kurt enlisted in the US Air Force, and worked as a Security Policeman.  After finishing his tour, Kurt continued this work at the 148th Air Guard base in Duluth as a civillian employed by the State of Minnesota.  Kurt then left the Air Guard to accept a position as a Corrections Officer with the Saint Louis County Sheriff's Department.  He worked there until his retirement.  While employed by the State of MN and the Sheriff's Department, Kurt served as the Afscme union steward.  Kurt has always believed in the right of fair representation.

Kurt has four grown daughters and numerous grandchildren.  He is passionate about the environment, social justice, transparency in government, fiscal responsibility and education equity.

Home Page of Kurt Kuehn

You have reached my campaign website.  Thanks for stopping by!  Take a look around, and feel free to contact me.  It is civic-minded people like you that will allow us to come up with solutions to our School Districts challenges.